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Are you looking for a special solution or do you want to refresh your knowledge on optical Biometry? The experts of the Cataract Community share their best practices on the latest solutions in surgical practice. On this page, we publish our experts' webinars featuring different surgeons on various topics. Don't hesitate to use our discussion platform for posting questions to our experts.

Please find the videos below.

Why Is the Cornea So Hard to Measure?

In this video, recorded at the Zeiss User Day 2017, Dr. Douglas Koch, M.D. speaks about the challenges of measuring the cornea and how to do better. Variable corneal readings happen every day, even with very good readings of the technical devices. There are also occasional surprises where the back of the cornea doesn't match the front in the way you would expect it. Differences could go up to 0,5D. Watch the video to learn more about this issue.


Biometry, IOL Calculations and the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with Dr. Daniel H. Chang

In a new webniar, Daniel Chang, M.D. from the Empire Eye & Laser Center Bakersfield (Claifornia, USA) focuses on Biometry, IOL Calculations and the ZEISS IOLMaster. In his lecture, Dr. Chang speaks about how automated keratometry works, what we understand under telecentric keratometry and what automated keratometry means. In this context, he also introduces working with the IOLMaster 700.


How to Cope with Penetration in Dense Cataracts and Visualization of Unusual Eye Structures

The director of the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna, Prof. Oliver Findl, M.D., discusses the potential of SWEPT source OCT technology of the IOLMaster 700, which allows you to visually verify the entire structure of the eye, to get indications for macular diseases and check for unusual eye geometries, like lens tilt. Don't miss his Q&A session where he answers a comment from the audience on obtaining accurate and reproducible keratometry measurements.*


Overcoming Current Problems in Toric Surgery

Dr. Jonathan D. Solomon, director of the Bowie Vision Institute, makes current problems in toric surgery a matter of discussion. In his webinar, he compares markerless biometric guidance with intraoperative aberrometry for the management of residual astigmatism. He presents a clinical study that underlines the advantages of makerless IOL alignment and holds a Q&A section to answer relevant questions.


How to Improve Patient Outcomes by Using the Unique Fixation Check

In this well-structured short webinar, Prof. Boris Malyugin of the ESASO explains how the Fixation Check of the IOLMaster 700 made it easier for him to avoid refractive surprises and get indications for macular pathologies.* Learn about study methodology and results and hear Prof. Malyugin give an outlook for future development possibilities.


*As the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 is clearly not intended to be used for diagnostics, findings need to be verified and pathologies diagnosed with a dedicated retina OCT.

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