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Connect to Z Calc for fast, easy and reliable online calculation of ZEISS toric IOLs.  Z CALC provides post-operative refraction data immedately. For optimization of lens constants, download the latest version of ULIB's lens constants for the ZEISS IOLMaster.


For the fast, easy and reliable online calculation of ZEISS toric IOLs, Z CALC provides immediate post-operative refraction data. The toric IOL sphere and cylinder powers can be modified according to the residual refraction desired. This provides excellent refractive outcomes for satisfied patients. Go to the website of Z CALC for online calculation and follow the instructions to register.


ULIB – Update from October 2016

One of ULIB's special concerns is the optimization of lens constants for the calculation of intraocular implant lenses. Due to the fact that, for several reasons, an optically measured axial length is different from the measurement result obtained with ultrasound, IOL constants such as the A constant or ACD constant will generally fail to give good results when used in optical biometry.


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