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Optical Biometry

We're excited to welcome Dr. Fam Han Bor to the Cataract Community

Dr. Fam Han Bor is an active clinician, researcher, and instructor who regularly gives talks at international conferences. As Head and Senior Consultant for Cataract Implant Service and Cornea Refractive Surgery at the Eye Institute of the National Healthcare Group (NGH) in Singapore, Dr. Fam is a leading expert in toric lens calculations. We look forward to interesting exchanges!


Top Case: ZEISS IOLMaster 700 in Posterior Subcapsular Cataract

The ZEISS IOLMaster 700, using SWEPT source biometry, evaluated a dense subcapsular posterior cataract in a 21-year-old male. Abnormal lens fibers attached to the nucleus and underlying posterior capsule were also identified. These were removed during surgery, reducing the risk of spontaneous posterior capsule rupture. Read more about the case here.


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